Our Story

It all started back in Philadelphia in the early 90s when our mother brought home our first rescue dog named Jesse, an adorable golden retriever puppy who suffered physical abuse from his previous owner. I still remember the moment when we brought him home. We had a rectangular rug with a wide border and Jesse paced round and round, never breaching the perimeter. It was evident he was very familiar with the inside of a cage. It showed me at a young age that animal neglect and abuse was horrible.

Since then we have had the privilege of raising, training and being a part of the lives of three great dogs. Thanks to our mother's heart we have ALWAYS adopted a rescue dog and have rehabilitated every one of them to become the most loyal and loving canines we could imagine. 

Fast forward 20 years and a relocation to sunny South Florida. My brother David and I walk into a local big name pet store to purchase a dog collar and leash. We noticed a few good options, but nothing exactly how we wanted. Our main focus was high quality non-toxic materials that feel good on our dog. We imagined a durable padded genuine leather collar that would look great and last a lifetime. Unfortunately we were unable to find exactly what we wanted. It was that moment we decided to make our own.

We immediately began to save up enough to purchase an embroidering/sewing machine and some high quality leather and leather-making tools. After spending hours learning the tricks of the trade of leather-making we discovered just how much fun it is. We made our first collar with premium light brown leather and stitched in a darker brown leather interior with padding. After adding some studs, a D-ring and a buckle we had the perfect collar!

It was quickly determined that a great collar needs a leash. After braiding some leather strips and attaching a padded handle and lobster clip we had our masterpiece. Despite its numerous flaws it was a great feeling that day walking my black lab with that collar and leash we made our selves. 

Cuchello is born

We combine our passion for the health and proper treatment of canines worldwide  with our love of fashion and aim to bring to you nothing but high quality non-toxic puppy products that will bring your family joy and last forever. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments

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-Brothers Zachary & David H.